Migrant Families Toolbox

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Illustration: City of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg is developing a toolbox targeting parents in migrant communities.  The aim of the toolbox developed by the City of Gothenburg is to develop and strengthen preventive and promotive approaches to work against violence in a family context, including honour-based violence. This is carried out by enabling trust building dialogues between migrant parents and front-line workers who meet in urban or civil society services. One central part is to provide knowledge to parents about their rights to receive support from frontline welfare services, especially their rights to parental support.

This toolbox contains 5 practical modules

1. Parenthood in transition, migration and identity 

2. Cultural awareness 

3. Children's rights

4. Roles within the family

5. Honour-based violence

The toolbox will be supported by awareness raising material for frontline workers and migrant parents. The awareness raising material includes a set of images that can be used when communicating with parents.

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For more information, read our latest project update! 

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Each toolbox developed in the project has been carefully reviewed by a diverse panel of thematic experts at the end of 2020. The experts brought a wide variety of expertise and insights on the comprehensiveness, duplicability and practical use of the tools in other EU contexts. The experts involved in the project include field specialists, activists, academics, and specialized city services. Want to know more about the experts on the Migrant families toolbox? Check their profiles below by clicking on their picture!