LGBTQI+ Toolbox

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The Brussels-Capital Region and RainbowHouse Brussels  have developed a toolbox that aims at creating safe(r) spaces for people with a migrant background who identify as LGBTQI+ people- lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer, and inclusive of individuals with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and/or sex characteristics who use other terms or no terms to describe themselves. This toolbox has been developed to help bridge a gap between LGBTQI+ people with a migrant background in accessing frontline services.

The 4 sections of the toolbox have been developed for all frontline workers, especially those that have little time or resources at hand. RainbowHouse has structured the toolbox to be both informative and practical, opting to use accessible language and simple exercises that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of education. It will come fully equipped with an awareness raising strategy, consisting of video’s, flyers and a poster! 



The toolbox does not aim to achieve the impossible task of giving a foolproof recipe of how to act when meeting someone who combines a specific set of intersectional identities. It has chosen however, to focus on ways to adjust one’s attitude and behaviors to create a safe(r) environment, especially in multicultural contexts.

The toolbox contains 4 different sections:
  • A training manual for frontline workers
  • Practical guidelines 
  • Standard operating procedures (practical manual)
  • An awareness raising strategy


For more information about this toolbox, read our latest project update! 

Each toolbox developed in the project has been carefully reviewed by a diverse panel of thematic experts at the end of 2020. The experts brought a wide variety of expertise and insights on the comprehensiveness, duplicability and practical use of the tools in other EU contexts. The experts involved in the project include field specialists, activists, academics, and specialized city services. Want to know more about the experts on the LGBTQI+ toolbox? Check their profiles below by clicking on their picture!

Funded by the European Union