People have always crossed borders in search of a better life. Aspirations and dreams, however, do not always come true. For some migrants, returning home is a logical, viable and desirable option. While the needs of returning migrants vary greatly, most are in need of some sort of assistance in the return and reintegration process.

Within the framework of the Belgian Voluntary Return Programme and the AVRR B-Advanced project supported by the EU AMIF, IOM Belgium as well as the IOM offices had the opportunity to closely monitor returnees in their reintegration processes. This monitoring not only provided valuable feedback in order to evaluate the impact of provided reintegration support in the longer term, identifying possible gaps and opportunities for further assistance. Equally important, it also allowed for individual beneficiaries to speak about their personal experiences, achievements, disappointments and concerns and about reuniting with family and starting a new chapter of life back in the home country.

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