In 2019, Walter decided to return to Nicaragua after he had migrated to Luxembourg due to the economic insecurity and instability in his home country. With support of IOM, Walter was able to move back safely and reunite with his family.

A few days after his arrival, he contacted IOM Nicaragua and went to the capital of Managua to talk about his future. Walter set out his idea to start up a business to create financial stability for his family and to contribute economically to his community. He wanted to use IOM’s reintegration support to open a small convenience store in his house where he would sell basic groceries, such as rice, beans, sugar, bread, milk, beverages, soup and ice cream. Since he and his family live in a small village far away from the capital, he understands the importance of these micro businesses for the local neighborhood. People would not have to travel far anymore to fill in their basic needs.

For the plan to become reality, first of all, Walter used the financial support to buy construction material to renovate part of his house and turn it into a space for the store. Afterwards, he also bought a freezer and a showcase, and merchandise to sell. During these first weeks, IOM staff had the chance to visit Walter and to see what he had already managed to do. He was happy to have discovered the reintegration program and to show what he had been doing so far. He wishes to expand his business bit by bit over the coming years and we wish him all the best with his future plans!