The Actiris Coordination Platform project

Bringing together stakeholders for labour market integration of newcomers in the Brussels-Capital Region

The project "Technical support for the development of a regional coordination platform concerning labour market integration of newcomers in the Brussels-Capital Region" is a 24-month initiative supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) through the Technical Support Instrument (TSI). The project aims at improving coordination between stakeholders active in the field of labour market integration of newcomers in the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR).

To that end, IOM Belgium in cooperation with DG REFORM supports the Brussels regional employment agency, Actiris, in the development and establishment of an in-person and digital coordination platform that is sustainable and user-friendly. Improved coordination between stakeholders through the Platform will ultimately lead to a better labour market participation rate among newcomers.

To know more about the project and its underlying vision, check out the video below!

The Actiris Coordination Platform

After 24 months of technical support by the European Union and IOM Belgium to Actiris, the Actiris Coordination Platform (ACP) was officially launched in November 2021. It consists of an in-person and digital component, and its conceptual specifications of the Platform were finalised and documented in a user-friendly “Guide Booklet”. The ACP is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs from the field and of its future members.

During the upcoming months, Actiris will pilot the ACP’s in-person component and will consolidate the Platform governance layers while IOM Belgium will provide support in the initial follow-up and monitoring. More specifically, the ACP piloting began with the kick-off of a number of Thematic Committees where like-minded organisations working on similar topics will be able to network, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives and practical solutions for increased impact in support of newcomers’ labour market integration in the BCR.

Thematic Committees

The Thematic Committees constitute the core of the Actiris Coordination Platform (ACP) governance structure where like-minded organisations working on similar topics can network, collaborate and exchange. They are currently being operationalized as part of the pilot phase.

Thematic Committees


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For more information on the Actiris Coordination Platform, please contact Brechje Moerman from Actiris at:

For an overview of the project, please consult our project briefs, available below under Resources & Tools, in EnglishDutch and French. For more information, please contact Rob De Lobel from IOM at:

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Through the Technical Support Instrument (formerly Structural Reform Support Programme), IOM Belgium supports Actiris in cooperation with the European Commission Directorate General for Structural Reform Support.