The RAHA project is funded by the department of the Brussels Capital Region and is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Brussels North (BruNo) police zone. An awareness-raising campaign is set up to make clear to citizens in Brussels which acts or words can be labelled hate crimes and what victims can do. Via a new online reporting system, potential victims will be referred to the “BruNo attitudes” network, which consists of reference officers who have been trained in anti-discrimination legislation, acting correctly on PVs, registering hate crimes and communicating empathetically.

The victim's first point of contact is always a police officer who knows the subject matter and can recognize the hate motive behind the crime. The BruNo police zone will offer several options for victims of hate crimes to report the crime. The victim can make an appointment online with the "BruNo attitudes" network to report to a trained reference officer. By making an appointment and being heard in a separate room, a 'safe space' is created for the victim to file a complaint if they want to. A mapping will also be done of all actors within the Brussels North zone who can provide further support to victims (medical, legal or psychological). 

Project objectives

  1. Awareness-raising: Make citizens aware of what constitutes a hate crime and the different reporting options within the communes of Schaerbeek, Evere and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode of the Brussels North police zone

  2. Reduce barriers: Reduce barriers for victims of hate crimes to report by establishing a network of trained police officers and creating a safe space

  3. Facilitate follow-up: Facilitate further counselling/support by referring victims according to their needs, either internally (victim advocacy) or externally (partners)

Timeline RAHA

RAHA is implemented in partnership with:

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