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Caritas International and IOM join forces for the Other Talk - Teaching Migration project, that aims at providing tools to current and prospective teachers in Dutch-speaking* secondary schools in Belgium. These tools will build their capacity to teach about themes related to migration, diversity and related media literacy and will foster their pupils’ critical thinking on these topics in their (future) classrooms.

To achieve this, two sets of free tools will be developed in this framework: CPD (Continuous Professional Development) digital learning environment for current teachers and an ITE (Initial Teacher Training) toolbox for prospective teachers. The CPD digital learning environment will consist of short self-paced online trainings. The toolbox will be developed to be integrated in current ITE programs and other pre-career teacher training. Both tools will elaborate on what to teach (content matter) and how this can be taught (pedagogical approaches).

In parallel to this Other Talk – Teaching Migration project, School Zonder Racisme will implement a project in which several interventions regarding teaching about migration will be tested in secondary schools. Through a structured feedback loop between the implementation teams of both projects, constant dialogue and cross-fertilization of the results will ensure relevance of all the tools in practice.

*The tools are developed in Dutch.


The Other Talk - Teaching Migration toolbox is available since November 23.

Are you interested in tools delving into topics concerning diversity, migration and media literacy? Click the visuals to access the tools!




De toolbox is ontwikkeld in het Nederlands en de tools zijn gepubliceerd als PDF-bestanden. Sta jij in het onderwijs en zou jij graag zelf aan de slag gaan met een van deze tools? Mail dan naar om de Powerpointbestanden te ontvangen!



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This project is implemented in coordination with Caritas International Belgium, who developed a digital learning platform for secondary school teachers. 

This project was developed within the Other Talk program. Other Talk is a three-year program by 11.11.11 and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen that aims at bringing nuance to the polarized migration debate in Flanders, to encourage those who stand between the opposites of the debate to re-enter the conversation, and to prevent further polarization. To achieve that goal, Other Talk is engaged in discussions in three areas: education, civil society and media. More info on

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