On the 26th of May, IOM Belgium and Luxembourg has launched its very own Podcast Channel on Spotify! On this platform, we will be able to inform you on our projects and initiatives through inspiring interviews and panel discussions. To kick start our channel, we have uploaded our mini-series podcasts from the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Intersexphobia with 5 special guests who shared their perspectives and lived experiences on the topic through interviews. 

Follow us on Spotify if you’d like to listen to these interviews and to keep up to date with our future episodes. You can find us on this link: Spotify – IOM Belgium and Luxembourg | Podcast on Spotify or simply by looking for “IOM Belgium and Luxembourg” in the Spotify app.


IDAHOBIT Mini-Series Podcast

Meet Aïda Yancy, the Project Manager for IOM’s Equalcity Project at RainbowHouse Brussels. In this podcast, Aïda talks to IOM Belgium and Luxembourg on the importance of creating safe(r) spaces for LGBTQI+ people with a migrant background and what this entails, with specific reference to Belgium’s capital - Brussels.

Meet Adebissi “Bissi” Adeye, a Project Manager at RainbowHouse Brussels, leading the Brave New You Project. In this podcast, Bissi talks to IOM Belgium and Luxembourg about the barriers that Youth from the LGBTQI+ community can face in their everyday lives and the importance of transgenerational exchanges as a tool to include youth at the local and national levels of policy making.

Meet Emma Gooding, Director of Oasis Belgium, a Christian organization that aims to transform communities by working with people who have been excluded as members of their communities. In this podcast, Emma talks to IOM Belgium and Luxembourg about how Oasis is reaching out to Christian Churches to appeal to the hearts & minds of this community when it comes to the topic of LGBTQI+ people.

Meet Tom Hecker, the president of Rosa Lëtzebuerg, a Luxemburgish-based association actively involved in the fight against all discriminations targeting LGBTQI+ communities. Their main initiatives are based on the promotion of cultural events, educational activities, the set-up of the yearly Luxemburg Pride Week and raising awareness regarding important and urgent topics within the Luxemburgish society.

Meet Aru Lee, a Workshop Coordinator and Facilitator on safer spaces, inclusion and racism. In this podcast, Aru talks to IOM Belgium and Luxembourg on the importance of understanding intersectionality as it plays out in the everyday lives of the LGBTQI+ community in our society today, and how poetry writing has become a vehicle for them to express and document their everyday lived reality.

Listen to the Mini-Series on Spotify – IOM Belgium and Luxembourg | Podcast on Spotify