IOM supports migrants who voluntarily wish to return to their country of origin or migrate to a third country where permanent residence is guaranteed.

What is voluntary return?

Voluntary Return is a free service for people thinking about returning to their country of origin from Belgium. If you decide that this is the right choice for you, IOM, with support of FEDASIL, and its partners will take care of everything, including booking your flights and guide you to ensure you have all the needed documents.

IOM can help you!

IOM’s voluntary return assistance is available to all migrants located in Belgium, regardless of their legal status.

You can talk to us about voluntary return without any obligation. Everything we discuss will be kept confidential. We will inform you on the assistance available before, during and after your departure.

You can discuss any concerns you may have relating to your possible return in a personal conversation with one of our counsellors. To answer more specific questions, we can contact our colleagues at the IOM office in your country of origin.

If you decide that voluntary return is the right choice for you, IOM can help you with all the preparations for your departure. 

How does it work?

After you apply for Voluntary Return, IOM will contact you for a counselling during which all details will be explained. IOM can help guide you to obtain your travel documents and will explain you the necessary steps to take. Once you are ready to travel, IOM will book your journey. IOM will assist you upon departure at the airport in Brussels but you will travel as a regular passenger. If needed, IOM can provide assistance at the airports during transit and upon arrival.

Where can I apply?

If you are residing in a reception structure, you may apply via the centre by asking your social assistant for more information on voluntary return.

If you are residing outside the reception structure or at a private address, you may contact one of our NGO partners (click here for the full list) for more information or one of the Fedasil return desks. Please find here the contact details from a partner near your place of residence.

For all return and reintegration-related questions, you can contact:

FR/ENG:  0491/56.05.23 NL/ENG:  0499/64.80.94

What support will I receive?

IOM will book and pay for your plane and/or bus ticket for the return travel and provide you with pocket money for the journey, which you will receive at the airport.

Depending on the country you return to, you may be entitled to re-integration support. This support is intended to be an initial support for you to reintegrate back home.  Prior to departure, all applicants will be provided with information on the l support dedicated to them and will receive contact information to their local IOM office.

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As countries drastically reduce entry into their territories owing to the COVID-19 global health crisis, and restrictions around international air travel are introduced, travel arrangements for returning migrants are currently subject to severe disruptions. Returnees are being directly impacted by these quickly evolving regulations in the course of their travel.