Administrative Assistance Balkan

The ‘Administrative Assistance’ project targets visa free countries in the Balkan region and Kosovo (UNSCR, 1243), as those countries are no longer eligible for any reintegration assistance. The project focuses its efforts on the reinstallation period (3 to 6 months after return) and aims at supporting the returnees to comply with administrative issues. Furthermore it also covers the assistance through the necessary procedures to access relevant support services, depending on the returnee’s needs (housing, health, education, employment). Thanks to their extensive experience and vast social network, the IOM missions in the countries of return can provide accurate information and tailored-made assistance and guidance.

Eligible countries

Kosovo (UNSCR, 1243), Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro.

Main objectives and activities

Civil registration in the first place, access to relevant services such as health care system, schooling, and employment are a pre-condition of a sustainable return and reintegration. The project aims at providing assistance, namely ‘immaterial’ assistance to the beneficiaries to further facilitate the reinstallation process. The IOM missions involved can, as service provider, refer to the existing services reintegration programmes if any, as well as other relevant entities (public/ private/NGO’s) provide guidance and also accompany beneficiaries through their registration steps. The project includes coverage of documentation issuance fees.

Target group

Any national from the above-mentioned countries willing to voluntary return and further requesting the administrative support.

The project consists of a wide range of assistance and can be of particular relevance for families who left their home country a long time ago and/or who need to enroll the children to school. In that perspective, the administrative assistance can be useful for the diploma recognition and equivalence, translation of documentation, etc....

For further information please contact Ms. Arta Hajra (email:, tel: +32(0) 2 287 74 34)