DT4E Flash Update: Connecting Belgian Employers with Displaced Talent for Hard-to-Fill Vacancies

News update: Newsletter July 2023

Brussels - The Displaced Talent for Europe (DT4E) project recently released its latest Belgium Flash Update (July 2023), which is available in three languages (English, French and Dutch). The flash update covers all the latest developments in the framework of DT4E in Belgium, highlighting major milestones so far as well as future plans.  

Funded by the European Union, DT4E has established a labour mobility pathway to Belgium for people currently living in displacement in Jordan and Lebanon. By facilitating the matching process and providing comprehensive support along the entire process, DT4E offers a solution for employers in need of skilled professionals, and it provides durable solutions for displaced talents by integrating them into the Belgian labour market. 

Thanks to extensive outreach and engagement efforts, DT4E is now widely known amongst not only institutional stakeholders in Belgium, but also employers. This year, 11 Belgian employers have shared 22 vacancies and launched the search for matching candidates through DT4E and the dedicated Talent Catalog which currently counts over 70.000 profiles. With shortages on the Belgian labour market being so acute and spread across almost all sectors, DT4E has also gained media attention and has been featured in two interviews with two Belgian magazines:  Paris Match (in French) and Knack (in Dutch). 

One sector in Belgium that is experiencing a critical labour shortage is the healthcare sector. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, DT4E has developed a dedicated labour mobility pathway for the healthcare sector that specifically targets nurses. Through a partnership with the Aurora project, DT4E is currently opening a pathway to Belgium for a first group of 20 displaced healthcare professionals located in Lebanon. This pilot will then be scaled up, bringing in additional cohorts for a broader group of employers. It is in this framework that DT4E is convening a national, high-level stakeholder event in October 2023: “Facilitating international recruitment in the healthcare sector in Belgium”.  The event will serve to inform the public about the healthcare pathway established through DT4E, gather momentum for a national roll-out of the pilot and share lessons learnt from DT4E. More information on the event will be made available soon on this website and on social media, including the dedicated International Talent Mobility LinkedIn page.

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If you are an employer and are interested in how DT4E could help you find the talent you are looking for, please check out the DT4E website, including the dedicated section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and follow the LinkedIn page! More questions on DT4E? Contact us at

DT4E is funded by the European Union and is implemented by IOM, in partnership with Talent Beyond Boundaries, Fedasil, and Alto Comissariado para as Migrações, and with the support of Fragomen.