Are you interested in joining MATCH as a Talent?

To join MATCH as a Talent, you will need to undergo a selection procedure involving different entities. You will also be required to attend specific courses and cooperate in the preparation of all that will be needed from you to perform your new duties. On this page, you will be able to find useful information for aspiring Talents on how MATCH works, as well as some useful materials to prepare for the selection phase and onboarding phase.

Important: the information provided on this page are of a purely informative nature and should not considered official. For official information, always refer to the Regional and Federal authorities of Belgium:

What you need to know before applying

What is expected from your side

The MATCH project is an initiative that aims at connecting talents from Senegal and Nigeria with EU companies who are struggling to find the rights profiles locally. Therefore, the main expectation is that you are willing to explore a new working culture, contribute to the mission of your new company, and would be up to move to the EU should the hiring company ask you to do so. Beyond that, it is expected that you demonstrate a certain degree of autonomy when undergoing the preparation for your new job and for the relocation to the EU. The MATCH team will provide you support with the processes related to the onboarding with the new company, as well as the administrative steps to be undertaken before and after departure, including via preparatory sessions. Nevertheless, some procedures will need to be undertaken by you directly and the MATCH team will only be able to provide guidance.

Type of employments foreseen and contractual conditions

MATCH foresees two types of employment options:

  • Relocation to the EU
  • Remote working

The choice between one or the other type will depend entirely on the hiring company’s preference. Contractual conditions, including the length of the employment, will vary according to the type of employment foreseen by each company. In the case of relocation to the EU, the contractual conditions will be in line with the rules and regulations of the country of destination. In case of remote working, the contractual conditions will reflect the rules and regulation of the country where you are residing and performing your duties. There is also the possibility for companies to opt for a mixed approach, with for instance a period (or periods) of remote working coupled with short-/long-term assignments to the EU. In case of mobility to the EU, visa and relocation costs will be covered by your hiring company, while you will be responsible for finding an accommodation for yourself. IOM will provide guidance on where to look for an accommodation

Other information

I have a family, can I bring them with me?

In most cases this cannot happen immediately. You will first need to regularize your status in Belgium by registering at your local commune within eight days from your arrival. Afterwards, you will be able to submit a request for family reunification, which is subject to certain conditions. For more information on this, please visit the website of the Belgian Immigration Office.

Am I expected to leave Belgium at the end of my assignment?

No, the MATCH project does not impose such obligation at the end of your assignment. You will be able to decide whether to return to your country of origin or to continue working in Belgium. Any decision is left to you and your employer, who might want to continue your collaboration beyond MATCH.

Can I travel in the EU while in Belgium?

Yes and no: as a non-EU citizen with a valid visa or residence permit for Belgium you have the right to move freely in the Schengen zone. But be careful, not all the EU countries are part of the Schengen area (for example: Ireland and Croatia), while some non-EU countries are part of it (example: Norway and Switzerland). Always check whether your destination is part of the Schengen zone and, if not, contact the relevant consular authorities in advance to know which documents you need to travel there.

Can I leave my job while in Belgium?

Yes, but this will have a consequence on your residence permit, which is directly linked to your work. Once you quit your job, your employer must communicate to the authorities the end of your employment. From that moment you have 90 days before your residence permit expires. Should a new employer wish to hire you, he/she will then need to submit a new single permit request. In this scenario, if your residence permit expires before a decision is taken, you are obliged to quit Belgium and return again if a positive decision is taken.



The application and selection process

How does the MATCH application and selection process work?

Where to apply for MATCH positions

It is only possible to apply for job opportunities via the MATCH project through the Areebajobs portal. This portal is managed by our partner Aldelia and is the only platform used by the MATCH project. Unsolicited applications submitted via other means are not taken into consideration.

What happens once I submit my application

Your experiences and qualifications will be screened against the requirements of the position you are applying to. This happens through the use of artificial intelligence and the intervention of specialized recruiters. If your profiles scores high enough, you will be invited for an interview with the recruiter working on your vacancy. If you succeed the interview, you will be put in a shortlist of pre-selected candidates that will be shared with the company.

What happens if you are shortlisted?


If the hiring company is interested in your profile, you will be notified and invited for an interview on a given date. In the case you are not invited for an interview, you will also be notified and will be able to flag if you want to be considered for future vacancies or not.

Interview with the company

If you are selected for an interview, you will be requested to carefully prepare it using the information package that you can find on this page (see the second box in the upper right side of the page).


Preparing your travel to Belgium

What permit do you need?

More than 90 days

Once you have been officially hired by the hiring company, you might be required to move to the EU to perform your duties. In order to be able to do so, you will need to prepare a dossier with a series of documents to request the Single Permit, which is essentially a procedure that allows you to obtain a work and a residence permit with one, single application. Please find more information in our dedicated leaflet.

Less than 90 days

The hiring company recruiting you might also opt to have you working remotely for most of your placement and plan for you occasional visits to the EU of less than 90 days each. In this case, you are not required to apply for a Single Permit, but a short-stay visa will be sufficient.


Information Leaflet for selected Talents

Have you been selected as a Talent for MATCH and will you soon need to move to Belgium? Check out our information leaflet providing useful information to prepare your relocation! Download it here.

Preparing for your interview with the hiring company

Are you soon having an interview with an hiring company? We will organise a meeting to help you prepare for it! You can also download our preparation package providing useful tips on how to best perform in an interview! Download it here.