Job placement

Job placement support in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

Micro-business start-up training in Grozny, organized by IOM Moscow
Micro-business start-up training
in Grozny, organized by IOM Moscow

Under the Belgian Voluntary Return and Reintegration programme, Fedasil structurally supports the IOM missions in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation, in delivering enhanced reintegration support services to returnees by providing them further access to the job market.

The aim of the activity is to facilitate the access of returnees to local employment market and started in 2015. In first instance, the IOM missions mapped the employment opportunities and partners that can help returnees in gaining skills or finding work. The research enabled IOM to provide up-to-date information on vacancies and training opportunities to applicants and  17 returnees were assisted in 2015 by counselling and referral.

In 2016, already 77 persons benefitted from the Job Placement activity, which now offers a wide array of specific services. The IOM missions actively seek for opportunities and ways to further develop the skills of returnees to increase their chances on the labor market. Returnees have been assisted with selection of appropriate training module, professional CV update, training in self-presentation skills, apprenticeship/job placement contract and direct referral to employment agencies and private employers.

As many returnees in the targeted countries also opt for self-employment, the IOM missions provided professional business advice to develop the business plans. On top of this, IOM Moscow organized two group trainings on “Micro-business Start-up and development” in Grozny, in which 14 project beneficiaries participated.

The activity also enhances the capacity of the IOM local network with stronger links to job employment agencies and relevant actors in the private sector. In parallel, the activity allows to incentivize the return further during the communication activities and counselling that take place in Belgium. In order to foster the information exchange between IOM Focal Points in the countries of origin and voluntary return counsellors in Belgium, IOM Brussel organized a study visit in December 2016. During the study visit, the focal points provided an insight in the reintegration context of their respective country, the specific services provided under the Job Placement activity and the challenges ahead.

IOM will continue the Job Placement activity in 2017.

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