Job placement

Job placement support in Caucasus and West Africa

Within the Belgian AVRR programme, funded by Fedasil, returnees returning to the Caucasus and West Africa can receive additional support in being linked to trainings or employment opportunities available locally. IOM missions in Armenia, Georgia and the Russian Federation (Caucasus region) and Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea and Niger (West Africa) are in direct contact with governmental and non-governmental training and employment agencies, development actors and the private sector. Building on these networks and activities developed under the EU Trust Fund (in West and Central Africa), returnees can receive additional counseling and be referred to local training and development programmes.

Monitoring and evaluation of the beneficiaries in 2018 showed that all persons that were assisted with training or job placement contract were employed or self-employed at the time of the monitoring. Returnees stated that the training or job-placement support improved their job situation or allowed them to develop their skills for future employment plans.

For 2019, 21 persons so far have been identified for additional support under the Job Placement activity in Armenia (4), Burkina Faso (3), Georgia (6), Guinea (1) and the Russian Federation (7). In the next months, IOM missions are also planning to organize group trainings for returnees from Belgium, focusing on employment and entrepreneurship possibilities in their respective country of origin.


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Job Placement Activities in Georgia 

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