Family Reunification

IOM assists migrants with their family reunification worldwide through its network of more than 480 offices in more than 160 countries and assisted already more than 2000 persons over the last 10 years to come to Belgium or Luxembourg.

For who?

The decision to grant a visa for family reunification or a humanitarian visa is taken by the Belgian Immigration Office. IOM can give assistance to every person that receives a positive decision by the Belgian authorities.

Read the story of Mr. Kalala who was reunited with his daughters after three years, from Uganda to Belgium.



IOM Brussels provides you information on the travel, on procedures for travel documents and exit clearances, on the specific situation in the country of departure and on the payment modalities.


IOM Brussels liaises between the migrant and/or social partner in Belgium and the IOM office in the country of origin.

IOM takes care of the flight bookings, verification of travel documents, advice on possible exit permits and assistance at the airports of departure, transit and arrival.

We provide specific care for:

  • Unaccompanied children: we arrange for airline assistance or provide an escort during the journey.
  • Persons with medical needs: we provide necessary arrangements for during the flight, including a medical escort (doctor or nurse) when necessary.


IOM does not provide financial help but offers reduced airfares, more flexibility and a higher luggage allowance. After we receive your request, we give you an estimation of the total cost which is then free of any obligation. Once you approve, we send you the invoice. IOM requires the full payment before departure. A service fee will be charged for the assistance provided.   

Requesting IOM’s assistance?        
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