Facilitating sustainable reintegration of returnees through the inclusion of migrant centred and country specific approaches (AMIF) Project (2020-2021) is funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) – Belgium National Actions and co-funded by Fedasil, and implemented from 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2021. It follows the past EU funded reintegration assistance projects implemented in the previous years

The Country Specific Approaches towards a more sustainable reintegration project aims to develop an integrated approach towards reintegration within the Belgian Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme. This will be done through initiatives which focus on enhancing sustainable socio-economic reintegration, and integrates provisions to respond to the psychosocial needs of returnees, together with a more family inclusive approach. Such initiatives prove to positively impact the overall sustainability of the reintegration process.  

Activities for returnees

The support will be provided on an individual and needs basis, according to locally available opportunities, and in a cumulative manner to the Belgian AVRR programme.

  1. Provide tailored pre-departure reintegration counselling to all interested candidates;
  2. Provide additional in-kind reintegration sustainability grants for income generating activities and project; 
  3. Provide “Socio-Economic Orientation” group sessions in Iraq, with interventions from consultants or guest speakers, to tackle all aspects of reintegration barriers and how to remedy to them. The sessions welcome returnees from Belgium but also from other European countries (financed by other projects). During these sessions, returnees can share their experiences and coping strategies;
  4. Facilitate Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), On-The-Job (OTJ) trainings and apprenticeship opportunities for returnees. Trainings can be foreseen in a number of different fields depending on the candidates interests;
  5. Provide specific financial, entrepreneurship or microbusiness management training to returnees;
  6. Facilitate and encourage recreational activities for children;
  7. Networking events for returnees in the context of local celebrations as well as sports activities.
Activities in Belgium

A counselling capacity building tour in Belgium with outreach visits to Belgian reception centers and AVRR stakeholders will be organized by the end of 2020. This one-week event will be coordinated by IOM Brussels CO, together with Fedasil and will bring together the focal points from the priority countries.

A one-day IOM/Caritas event bringing together Caritas International’s local partners and IOM missions from the priority countries of both IOM and Caritas AMIF projects. The event will gather AVRR stakeholders in Belgium. The thematic focus will be in line with the activities implemented throughout this project.


All returnees returning to the five priority countries are eligible for the additional in-kind assistance and to participate in the different activities. 

Nationals from non-priority countries can benefit from the additional activities and an in-kind grant for income generating activities within this project on an exceptional basis. As the number of available grants are limited, this option should only be discussed between the applicant and the IOM reintegration counsellor during the pre-departure counselling.  

Nationals from the European Union, or citizens from countries exempted from a European visa are not eligible under this project. 

Though the support can be provided within the duration of the project implementation, AVRR beneficiaries should contact the local IOM missions within one month after return. 

For more information, please contact Morgane Windal (mwindal@iom.int) or Loic Canivet Balkedal (lcanivet@iom.int).

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) was set up for the period 2014-20, with a total of EUR 3.137 billion for the seven years. It promotes the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.    

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