AVRR B-Advanced

http://belgium.iom.int/sites/default/files/avrr/ghana.pngThe AVRR B-Advanced project provides enhanced reintegration assistance packages to eligible REAB applicants to assist them further with their reintegration plans in country of origin.  It delivers a viable and humanitarian response to the needs of migrants who are not able to remain in Belgium.

The program aims for returnees to  invest  in an income generating activity such as :

  • To start, re-start, or partner in a micro-business or an agricultural or livestock activity, thus encouraging self-employment & entrepreneurship.

  • To take on employment and benefit from wage subsidy support

  • To develop their skills for employability by completing vocational training or by  continuing  with  schooling or further education

You will find examples of such assistance in the section on stories of return and reintegration.  

The program also aims to respond to the identified vulnerabilities of  returnees by covering for complex medical or urgent material household needs.

The IOM reintegration teams in country of origin deliver the assistance in consultation with the  IOM Brussels team of reintegration counselors following a flexible, needs oriented, and participative approach. The services provided are:

  • Orientation and counselling throughout the reintegration  process,

  • development and implementation of  reintegration plans,

  • redaction of micro-business plans,

  • delivery of in-kind grants,

  • referrals to relevant  governmental institutions,

  • referrals to local partner organizations.

The complete package allows for the maximized  sustainability of the reintegration project which is key. The aim is for the returnees to  generate sufficient income to respond to their basic household needs.

The eligibility of applicants  is defined by the Fedasil Criteria and assessed by the  reintegration counsellors in Belgium with a thorough pre-departure reintegration counselling session and with the development of a Reintegration Plan. When need be, and upon  demand,  an interpreter is made available during counselling.

The project, which  started on 1 July 2015 and finished on 30 June 2016,  continued the Fedasil and  EU supported IOM enhanced reintegration assistance projects implemented in the past years.

AVRR B-Advanced  is co- funded by Fedasil under the Fedasil Reintegration Programme and by the  European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) – Belgium National Actions.  

For more information, contact Ms. Jacqueline Hall (jhall@iom.int, tel: +32 (0) 2 287 74 13).