Resettlement & Relocation to Luxembourg


Since 2014, IOM also supports the Government of Luxembourg  each year with the travel of refugees and other resettlement related services upon request of the OLAI (Luxembourgish Office for Reception and Integration).

In 2014, 28 Syrian refugees have been resettled from Jordan to Luxembourg. In 2015, 46 Syrian refugees have been resettled from Turkey to Luxembourg. In May 2016, the government of Luxembourg resettled 27 refugees from Turkey. In September that same year, it resettled another 25. In February 2017, another 46 refugees were resettled from Turkey. The Government foresees to resettle another 50 refugees from Lebanon in 2017.


IOM Luxembourg has been offering airport assistance upon arrival during several relocation missions in 2016-2017. In fact, in 2016 it has assisted the government of Luxembourg in relocating 167 asylum seekers, 61 of whom were relocated from Italy and 106 from Greece. In January 2017, IOM has assisted the GoL in the relocation of 29 asylum seekers from Greece to Luxembourg.

For more information, contact Ms. Viviane Van Hoeck ( (link sends e-mail), tel.: +352 621 401 823)