Syrian and Congolese refugees resettled in Belgium

Belgium - The IOM Country Office for Belgium and Luxembourg has assisted the first group of 22 Syrian refugees who arrived in Belgium in the framework of the national resettlement programme. Upon arrival, a small delegation of IOM, Fedasil and the Office of the Commissioner General for Stateless Persons and Refugees welcomed them at Brussels Airport.

Belgium having installed a structural resettlement programme in 2013 with a first group of 100 refugees arriving mainly form the Great Lakes region, in 2014 Belgium has committed itself to resettle 100 refugees out of  which 75 Syrian refugees  – victims of the Syrian conflict - from Turkey as a reply to the international call for help. The refugees who arrived on 4 December were all temporarily living in Istanbul after they had fled from the war in Syria.

IOM carried out pre-departure health assessments, supported the Belgian government in giving cultural orientation trainings in Istanbul and assisted the returnees in the airport procedures, boarding and arrival.

Moreover, IOM welcomed the next 6 refugees flying from Burundi (a Congolese mother and her 5 children) and another 6 Syrian refugees coming from Turkey.

For next year, the number of resettlement places was set on 150 but the newly appointed State Secretary for Asylum and Migration - Theo Francken - has exceptionally doubled the number of places for resettlement to 250. The number of resettlement places is set to increase gradually in order to, annually, grant protection to 250 refugees by 2020.

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