Info sessions with IOM Afghanistan

During the week of 22 August, IOM Belgium and Luxembourg organized, in collaboration with Fedasil and IOM Afghanistan, several info sessions reaching out to Afghan asylum seekers in multiple Fedasil and Red Cross reception centers.

During this week, IOM Belgium and Luxembourg together with Masoud Ahmadi, AVRR Expert from IOM Afghanistan, visited nine different reception centers. In total, 253 Afghans participated directly to the info sessions.

Our IOM Afghanistan expert Masoud explained, in both Pashtu and Dari, what IOM stands for and the Organization’s main projects. Afterwards, he provided migrants with a more specific and detailed explanation on the Country Specific Approach for Afghanistan within the framework of the Voluntary Return Programme. These info sessions specifically aimed to underline the importance of voluntariness and the need to make well informed decisions.

The meetings were overall well received and mainly practical questions concerning the length and the more practical side of the arrangements were raised. During individual counselling sessions, more tailored information can obviously be provided.

Attendance strongly varied from session to session. Generally, an average of 30 people attended the sessions. Thanks to the comprehensive and objective information provided in the native languages, other residents, friends and family who didn't attend the meetings, can then also be accordingly informed.

These visits were organized in light of the Country Specific Approach for Reintegration Assistance in Afghanistan project implemented by IOM and funded by Fedasil. Specifically, this project offers tailored reintegration assistance to the beneficiaries returning to Afghanistan, including temporary accommodation provided in Kabul, using shelters to facilitate an easy transition to a more sustainable home. In case migrants have health concerns, they can also benefit from medical follow-up in addition to the traditional AVRR assistance with cash grant, psycho-social follow up and in-kind reintegration package.

By the end of September a second round of info sessions will be organized in other reception structures and for Fedasil return counselors.

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