Global Migration Film Festival - Screening in Brussels

On 16 December 2016, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) together with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and in partnership with Myria and Unia, organized a ‘Global Migration Film Festival’ screening in Brussels.

This screening was part of IOM’s Global Migration Film festival where worldwide over 90 countries participated. Globally the festival was organized to celebrate IOM’s 65th anniversary (5 December) and to honour International Migrants Day (18 December). The festival as such was an opportunity for the world to celebrate the diversity and unique contributions of migrants to the communities and countries where they live. It was also a tribute to the many films that capture the beauty and challenges of migration and bring these realities to audiences around the world. The Film Festival is part of the UN's “Together” global campaign to promote diversity and inclusion.

For our event in Brussels we screened ‘Reis zonder terugkeerVoyage sans retour'. This documentary, directed by Sergio Ghizzardi, is set at the heart of the immigrant community in Belgium and in the midst of men and women of Moroccan or Turkish origin. Their life stories shed many questions: about ourselves, about Belgian history but also about the recognition we owe to these migrants in the shade.

The documentary was followed by a panel discussion led by Pieter Stockmans, journalist working for MO* magazine. Together with Françcois de Smet (Myria), Rachid Bathoum (Unia), two migrants who participated in the movie and three other migrant voices and specialists, the discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities migrants face. The discussion tackled several topics related to this by each time consulting another perspective. Giving the audience an insight of how different people from different backgrounds can unite around specific themes and ideas, such as: integration in the Belgian society and solutions for better integration, the contribution of migrantsto the society and how to change the vision of the society relating to migration.

This general discussion was well perceived by the audience and accordingly several testimonies and questions were shared. After these fruitful discussions a drink was offered to all participants giving them the opportunity to further discuss and network.

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