Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal feature among the main countries of origin (CoOs) of migrants returning voluntarily from the EU. Returning migrants can constitute an opportunity for their countries of origin, but if not adequately supported, they may become a burden for their local communities. Unsuccessful reintegration in their communities might push returnees to migrate again.

Enhancing the sustainability of returns and reintegration schemes in these countries constitutes a shared objective for many EU Member States, as well as for these CoOs. The MoTuSe programme complements the national Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) activities implemented by IOM in the EU, and strengthens the reintegration framework in the 3 CoOs through a double-track approach, based on the following elements: 

  • an increased support of the returnees’ reintegration plans;
  • capacity building of local institutions and organizations potentially active in reintegration management

It has indeed been proved that a combination of different levels of intervention – from reintegration assistance focused on the individual to a more macro level structural capacity-building programme - provides the best results when it comes to improving the reintegration of returning migrants.

Increased support will be provided through reintegration assistance tailored to the needs of the individuals and to the realities of the CoO. It will consist in grants topping up the assistance envisaged within EU national AVRR projects. Short-term cash reinsertion assistance as well as long-term in-kind reintegration assistance could cover both the immediate needs of the beneficiaries as well as the medium and long-term socio-economic situation of the returnees. Special attention will be paid to vulnerable groups. To address the challenge of sustainable return and reintegration, which goes beyond simple individual reintegration assistance, national and local stakeholders in the CoOs potentially involved in assistance to returnees and vulnerable groups will receive training and material assistance to enhance their skills in supporting returning migrants and will finally be responsible for assisting returnees.

This project is co-financed by the European Union. 

For more information, contact Mr. Andreas De Boer (email:, tel: +32 (0) 2 287 74 29.