Syrian Refugees selected for Resettlement arrived in Belgium

Brussels - On 30 March, 22 resettled Syrian refugees made the journey from Turkey to Belgium. At the same time a selection mission of Syrian refugees currently based in Lebanon was conducted.

Meeting Minister A.De Croo & IOM DG Swing

Geneva - On 27 January, the IOM Director General, William Lacy Swing, and the IOM Chief of Mission for Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr Pascal Reyntjens, met at IOM Headquarters in Geneva with the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Mr Alexander De Croo.

Syrian and Congolese refugees resettled in Belgium

Belgium - The IOM Country Office for Belgium and Luxembourg has assisted the first group of 22 Syrian refugees who arrived in Belgium in the framework of the national resettlement programme. Upon arrival, a small delegation of IOM, Fedasil and the Office of the Commissioner General for Stateless Persons and Refugees welcomed them at Brussels Airport.

Visit of IOM Director-General at Fedasil and Immigration Office

Brussels - On 23 April, the Director-general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mr. William Lacy Swing, met his counterparts, Mr. Jean-Pierre Luxen, Director-general of Fedasil and Mr Freddy Roosemont, Director-general of the Belgian Immigration Office.

Mr Swing welcomed both meetings, especially given the fact that Belgium is one of the founding member states of the IOM and the largest donor of the organization after the United States.